Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Starseed Reading

My starseed reading by Arielle from Starseed Hotline

"Yellow rings on the outside of the charts are the house cusp degrees, the blue areas are the planets, and the numbers in the green ring are the house numbers. I am going to start with your natal chart. The first thing that I am going to point out is in the seventh house. Your mercury is at 24.37 Capricorn, and any time that your minutes are over thirty, it activates the next higher degree when it takes it to a star marking. So, that takes it to 25 Capricorn. 25 Capricorn is about the crystal grid of the Earth...the electromagnetic ley lines, but since there is Mercury there, it is information that is in crystals. And if you look at the eighth house cusp, there is 25 Aquarius, and this is the galactic degree. This is the mark of Atlantis. The way that this ties in is people who were on the Earth at the time of Atlantis, carrying Atlantian records, have certain DNA codings in their bloodline so that in this life, you have the matching frequency to retrieve records that were saved from the time of Atlantis and incoded into crystals. So this is the predominate thing that I see in your chart is working with crystals, and retrieving information...understanding records, and/or having the crystals help you access your own understanding of  records about crystals and those times in Atlantis and Atlantian knowledge.
Now, all the house cusps degrees come in pairs so if you go directly across the chart from the 25 Aquarius, on the third house cusp is 25 Leo. This is the galactic degree of Leo, and it is about leadership through your communications. And this also gives you the frequency in alignment of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Now you were only four years old at this time, but it doesn't matter. There were certain activations that were beamed to the planet from certain planetary alignments at that time, and there was a massive program that was started with crystalline codings that were placed in the starseed around the planet and various times and if you have this particular marking of the 25 Leo, any year during August during the 15th and 20th, you would possibly get more activations. This might not happen every year because they are time coded, but on particular years for anyone with this marking, it might be one year for you and another year for the next person (it depends on what you are aligned for), you should always pay attention between the 15th and 20th for new developments in your life, new people, new concepts, new activations, things like that.
In the sixth house, you have Uranus at 8.38 Sagittarius. And again because the minutes are over 30, it activates the 9 degree Sagittarius. And this is about ship communication that would come in flashes either of creative inspiration or it can actually be telepathy or dreams/visions that type of thing. But it is communication from the ship. So, that kind of makes you have a hard-wired phone line of communication and since you are...since the other information that you have it, is about getting information out of the crystals, and retrieving records about Atlantis and Atlantian concepts, and having leadership in communications. This all kind of ties in to having the nine degree placement in the fifth house for further downloads that you would then kind of play a role as a messenger.
Also, in the eleventh house, you have Chiron at 22 degrees Taurus, and this is the mark of mastership concerning values and belief systems, so this would also tie into this whole messenger/bring forth communications to help lead people into a higher levels of evolution.
Now, I am going to go to your progressed chart which is a current snap shot of where you are in your evolution in this life time, and this chart is based on your natal chart. So, this is kind of a time-released activations throughout your life that will/that are calculated on your natal chart. So, now we are going to take a look at what's happening right now. And you will look in the fifth house first, and you'll see that your Uranus is still at 9 degrees Sagittarius. So this is ship communication, and being in Sagittarius as it was when you were born, this is also about truth and justice and the freedom ray and certainly it would be about freedom from deception and lies and those kind of Sagittarian pursuits.
And now, if you look on the second house cusp, you have 26 Leo (galactic degree) on the house that has to do with values and belief system which kind of ties into this activation of your mastership mark on the natal chart. So, this is again taking a leadership role concerning values and belief systems. And right next to that, on the third house cusp, you got 21.34 Virgo (which activates 22 degrees...the mark of mastership). And this is the perfection of communications. And these two placement are also reflected on the other side of the chart on the eighth house cusp with 26 Aquarius (still at the mark of Atlantis), and now your ninth house cusp is at 21.34 Pisces (the mark of mastership). And this is about, and remember what I said before about freedom from the lies and deceptions, and this is about mastership of healing those wounds from the lies and deceptions...the illusion of the third dimensional reality here.
And now your progressed north and south nodes...the south node is in your fifth house (it looks like an upside down headphones) and the north node in the eleventh house, both at zero degrees...and this isn't technically a star marking but it does indicate an ability to work between the dimensions, which again ties in and further activates the message that you are bringing...bringing back old information from Atlantis and incorporating the values and belief systems of that era and indeed the Pleiadian values and belief systems because your Chiron the teacher is in Tauraus.
So, I would like to add, especially for people with nine degree placements, it is doubly important to have your daily intake of silica because these communications from the ship depend on your having enough silica because without it, it is like not having enough bars on your cell phone. And it is actually cell phones and computers and electromagnetic radiation that takes the silica out of your body. So, it is very important.
Another factor of the nine degree marking that you have with ship communication...there is also a, I would say, a special circumstance where it can actually be what we call "ship control." And this is a safe guard system that you agreed to so that if you happened to get way off your path that (well I call them your high command) can step in and actually override your free will and get you back to where you need to be to complete your mission. 99 percent of the time though, you do have free will, and they can only act as guides. They can't really override your free will most of the time. Like I said if it is a dire emergency of your life or your mission are in jeopardy. So in those cases, 99 percent of the time if you initiate contact (cause this is a two-way phone line)...if you initiate contact with a request for guidance or information, you have to ask them three times in a row to give them permission to override your free will in this case. And then, once you do that, you have to step back and pay attention because your answer could come either in the form of telepathy or dreams or visions...signs...symbols. It can even come out of the mouth of strangers. So, you really have to pay attention, so that you can notice the pattern of how they communicate, and eventually it will get much more easy to do if you have never experienced this before. And if you haven't experience what you thought was communication from the ship, then that would be a good indication that your silica has been down. So, we'd like to recommend an organic form of silica, and there is not one brand that is best for everybody, so you kind of have to use your own intuition on what kind of silica to take but a good organic brand would probably be fine.
Every starseed has one thing in common, and that is to elevate the global consciousness, to such a degree that this shift is easier. The higher the global consciousness, the easier the shift. And I guess conversely, the lower the global consciousness, the more radical the Earth...the what we call the more natural disasters from volcanoes to hurricanes to earthquakes, all that kind of thing. It is direct proportion to how high the global consciousness is so part of this master plan is for all the starseed who chose to be here during this time, this very important time, to collectively...I picture each starseed holding a candle and together all those individual candle lights are bright enough to take us through the change as easily as possible."

Friday, February 24, 2012

Introductory Reiki Class

A couple of weeks ago, I took an introductory reiki course offered by my local community college. It was a 1.5 hour course that went over the very basics of Reiki such as what chakras are and what they represent. There was a unique mixture of people at the meeting. To my surprise, I was the youngest one present at the meeting. I was also one out of three or four nurses. I also enjoyed feeling the energy that emanated from my partner's hands. Toward the end of the class, I got to step in toward the crown chakra of a man who has a history of migraines when Reiki was being performed. My hands felt like they had a million pins and needles, and this feeling continued for an entire 24 hours after the class. I didn't get a lot of feedback like some of the other students did about what I was doing right or wrong, but I am glad that I got a taste of what Reiki is and how it works.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to the YOUniverse

Welcome to Sirius Starseed! Here I wish to explain my development as an awakening starseed so that other starseeds can learn from and further awaken themselves. Everyone is invited here. This is your YOUniverse!